Don't pay a consultant to do what we will do for free.   Looking for something specific?  See "Equipment for Sale" Below.

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Equipment Expertise

Experience across all corners of the cannabis industry is at your fingertips, for free!  We put our experience to work for you.  Whether you are a current processor, or brand new to the business, you need equipment...  And we can help you get it at a discount.  

How the Service Works

We are industry experts with connections; and we've paid our dues so you don't have to.  We buy equipment from manufacturers at a discount, and then sell that equipment to you (our happy customers) at less than MSRP.  It's that simple!  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Only happy customers come back.  Not only can we help procure equipment at a discount, we are skilled in the operation of everything we sell.  We regularly help customers install, train, and troubleshoot in their facility.   Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Whether we're installing equipment, or at an Industry Event (see 'Events' page), we will make time to meet you in person.  We love travelling!

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