Financing Support

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Don't Pay MSRP

Not only will we get you the best equipment prices for equipment, we will help you secure financing with accessible, proven partners. 

Dictate Your Terms

CIS has the relationships that can help you get terms that are favorable for your new or existing cannabis venture.  Help us help you by giving us a call!

Example Terms

These are real terms, real deals, right now (2019):  

- Capital Lease Structure (other structures available)

- $750K Equipment Cost ($800K MSRP)

- 70% of Hard Goods ($225K Down-Payment) 

- 48 Month Payoff Terms

- 10% Effective Rate / Effective 2.71% Monthly Cost

- Buyout options for end-of-lease

Easy Due-Diligence Process

Less stringent than is common in Capital Equipment financing, we make sure the Due Diligence Process is quick, and cheap.  Executable Proposals within days.

Call Us

If the service is for you, great!  We will get a deal done on some equipment.  If not, our advice is still FREE!  

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