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We love Ecodyst's new evaporation technology, and Ecodyst's customers love it too!  Rotary Evaporators for the future!  #RotoVap

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Industrial Scale Evaporator Rankings


#1 Ecodyst:

This is the evaporator that we have bought for our processing facility.  You can expect to load 2 X the amount of ethanol & cannabis oil solution compared to the competition.  You can also expect to recover the ethanol at 2X the RATE (the 50L evaporator from Ecodyst recovers ethanol at GREATER than 25L/hour).  Modular designs allow you to expand from 22L, to 50L, to 72L, to 100L WITHOUT BUYING A NEW CHILLER!!!  This is the solution of the future, in our humble opinion.  Made & serviced in the USA!  

Ecodyst Brochure

#2 - Buchi:

We love Buchi equipment!  It's great RotoVap equipment; period.  German made, reliable, and popular.  We here at CIS see Buchi as likely the world's most prominent manufacturer in the space, simply because they have so many units around the world.  Nobody will ever have buyer's remorse while they're using a Buchi rotary evaporator.  We happily procure Buchi Evaporators for clients all of the time. We just happen to know that you can double the Buchi throughput at half the price.  Call or or see our comparison chart below. 

Buchi Brochure

#3 - Heidolph

As with Buchi, Heidolph offers a reliable German product, BUT with a hefty price-tag.  Heidolph is a staple in laboratories across the world, and they make much more than rotary evaporators.  They also have Sales & Service team in North America.  Our concern is not with quality or service - it's with RotoVap price and throughput (yield).  There are simply other solutions that are (in our opinion) better value. 

heidolph brochure

#4 - Across International (and the rest of Manufacturers)

We lump the rest of the RotoVap field in together.  You may save money on these rotary evaporators, but you will pay MUCH more due to downtime, support, and reliability issues; count on it.   AI (and the rest of the pack) are more concerned with volume, rather than with quality and technical sales.  That's fair enough (for them), but we believe a careful, selective, and personalized sales process suits our customers' needs better. 

AI Brochure

Comparison Chart

Based on customer feedback, we've put together a RotoVap comparison of the most important metrics for our favorite manufacturers.